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Livewire is an electric cable installation and maintenance company based in South Africa. The concept behind our rebranding is based on the urgency for comfort and general well-being, and the important role of the collaborators that put their life at risk every day to save the world — just like superheroes.

Aiming to be recognized as one of the best companies in its sector — ”the people to call whenever you need to” — we opted to design a brand based on the idea of the world needs Livewire’s superpowers. In its development (which included research, strategy, design, and webdesign), the key challenge was to position the brand in an innovative and bold way, allowing it to be seen as “The people who can answer —when greatness calls, who will be there?” by a conservative and bureaucratic public.

Our goal at Humaze was to highlight Livewire’s importance to the world, and how necessary it is for people’s well-being.


Drawn based on the font family Drug Italic by Commercial Type, the logotype aims to represent movement and energy. The teamwork spirit is manifested in the unity of the two first letters through a symbol of electricity, originating from the brand’s main symbol, inspired by superhero suits. The colour palette is based on electric colours, allied to the visual universe of heroes that we’re familiarized with.


In its website, we aim to reinforce the energetic idea associated with the brand, through an interactive UI that illuminates the website and changes the gradients when in movement.