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Herdade de Mua is a rural tourism destination in Alentejo, with services and characteristics that make it more than mere accommodation. The estate is a refuge where you can feel at home in the countryside.

Here at Humaze, we developed the estate’s graphic identity based on the principle of “unity” and “exchange”, where time is cherished and life’s small pleasures are appreciated.

In addition to the main brand, we also developed a sub-brand. Both include materials such as postcards, road signs, invites, and packaging materials.


The concept of unity in which the brand is rooted led to surprising results such as the name and tagline of the estate. The combination of two of its most characteristic animals —the donkey and the mule (in Portuguese “burro” and “mula”)— resulted in the name “Mua”. The brand’s base of cherishing time (in Portuguese “saborear”) also led to “Tempo de Sabor e ar” (“time to cherish”), which reflects the lifestyle the estate aims to portray and provide.

To portray the previously mentioned values, we developed a graphic identity that relied on one-line illustrations combined with elegant and modern typography, which together create a harmonious shape with rounded features, painted in blue watercolours: the symbol of Alentejo.


The Herdade da Mua believes that experiences become unique when shared, and memories become stronger: authentic relationships are built, generated by the enthusiasm and the pleasure of collaboratively participating in life’s discoveries.

This is the base of “Mua Convida” (“Mua invites you”), where the estate invites you to activities such as “Noites de Mua Cheia” (“Nights of the full Mua”), the “Apanha da Azeitona” (“the Olive Harvest”), or the “Jornais de Colheita” (“Harvest Journals”), where guests have the opportunity to share some of their unique experiences.


The sub-brand Sabor emerged as an unfolding of Mua, aiming to expand into the gastronomic sector through the estate’s resources.

It counts on the local tasty products —such as olive oil, olives, and wine—, that are produced ethically, respecting Nature and its time. They are developed in convivial moments where shared experience is key since these must be cherished as much as the product.

Respecting the conceptual pattern of the main brand, Sabor is developed with the colours of the real products that are commercialized.