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BAO is more than just a simple project management company; it is capable of keeping a 360-degree watch. The brand positions itself as the starting point on every level of a custom-made project: from management to architecture, to design, and even counseling and tracking.

After the brand’s consolidation, there was a growing need to create a brand that would portray the principles and values that it defends.

Based on these foundations, we told BAO’s story, whose concept reflects cooperation and teamwork.

The brand’s development was materialized into communication strategies, stationary, and a website.

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BAO is a company that aims to be the stepping stone for future projects, a place where you collectively create and where you develop a monitored and constant follow-up with your clients. The service is directed at the client and all the sectors in which they operate, offering a 360 approach.

The brand aims to portray the idea of something that’s under construction, and therefore opted by using Terracota as the main colour of its colour palette, considering its association with construction materials such as clay.


The website’s main purpose is to disclose and let the brand and its values be known.

It is also a means to explore the finalized projects and therefore also functions as a portfolio, to potentially obtain new clients.