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Ana Anahory

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Ana Anahory is a Portuguese architect specializing in interior areas, whose projects are centered on the catering and restaurant industry, housing, and hotel businesses. In her projects, ideas gain shape through experimentation with good quality Portuguese natural materials, mostly using subtle and neutral tones in her colour palettes. She’s a great believer that architecture isn’t born on its own, and therefore she creates unique pieces for each project by complimenting her architectural skills with other applied arts and crafts.

Considering Ana Anahory’s architectural style —comfortable, functional and contemporary results— we at Humaze aimed to mirror these values, both in the brand’s identity and in the portfolio’s personality. We told this architect’s story through the development of its brand and website.

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The logo mirrors the architect’s style and personality: simplicity, harmony, minimalism, and neutral and subtle colours.

“I believe projects should be complemented with the clients’ ambitions, which are the root of the project.”

Ana Anahory


The website’s main goal is to function as a portfolio, and that way expose and raise awareness of some of the finalized projects to potential future clients.